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Handcrafted from Premium Hardwoods and Bamboos

by Stylo Furniture & Design, New York

Chef's Recommendations

Custom Boards

We’ll craft a unique board made especially...

The Cutting Board

Four strong yet delicate beveled edges will be...

The Cheese Board

Elegant and functional, there’s no...

Safe and Renewable

Only woods and bamboo from renewable sources are used. We care about the environment, and use materials that are harvested from forests that are replanted.

Treated with only mineral oil, our boards are not only attractive, but safe for use with all foods.

Handcrafted Boards

Starting with the careful selection of premium hardwoods and bamboo, the boards are crafted by hand with an artisans eye and touch.

Each board is independently crafted with precision and care.  No two are alike, with an individuality that is immediately apparent.


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